About me…

I almost started with “Welcome to the least exciting bit of my blog…” but then thought that was rather presumptuous about my #weeknotes!

Hi, I’m Ed (you can email me at egarcez [at] gmail [dot] com). I’m dad to a cat and two boys, husband to one, and I work in London local government. I’m also a trustee/ non-executive director at a UK charity. This blog is intended to be a regular reflection on my week, and I hope to keep it a little more reflective than a run through of my diary.

I’m doing this because I think there’s lots that we do really well in local government, all things considered. We’ve risen to the challenge of the age of austerity, a hugely complex mix of products and services, and a genuinely diverse customer base (citizens).

Also because there is a lot that we could be doing better, not least of all working together more within each Council, across Councils, with public and private sector partners and with our citizens and communities. This is my attempt to do some of that sharing and working in the open.

This is my blog, and doesn’t reflect the views of my employer. It may not even reflect my views, particularly as I’m intending to share rather than publish.

Be kind.