The third LOTI workshop

One of the great things emerging from #LOTI is an extended network of folk across London local government thinking and talking about the same stuff at the same time. I’d not considered it before: this may end up being one of the biggest benefits from #LOTI.

Through my time in local government it’s always been the case that folk are happy to work together, share ideas and support each other. That sense of being part of an extended team, facing similar (often shared) challenges and with similar opportunities to overcome them is one of the great aspects of working here. The difficult bit has been knowing who’s doing what, and even more complex than that, synchronising what we’re doing so that we can share better.

We’ll always have different priorities at different times across the London boroughs. I (think I) am starting to see the regular engagement and discussions that #LOTI is prompting lead to better alignment, and more conversations about what we can do more effectively together. Long may it continue!

More practically, others have shared their thoughts on the meeting (see and, and apologies to others that I’m not linking to!) which I won’t look to repeat!

Getting away for a day

In a couple of weeks we will have our first away day as the Digital and Data Services management team. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve worked through a lot of change getting to this point. I’m over the moon that our away day will actually be away (thanks to Ben for letting us use a meeting room for the day in his offices!).

Ahead of that, we have been reflecting on what we want to get out of the day, and I’ve been working with our facilitator to design an agenda that will help us get there. We have the beginnings of a plan that we’ll refine and prepare ahead of sharing with colleagues in the next week or so for final comments and tweaks before the big day!


The other thing that has been taking up a lot of my time this week is the recruitment to our Head of Digital Transformation. The application window closed on Monday and we had nearly 50 excellent candidates’ written statements and CVs to assess and review.

On Wednesday I met with the other panel members for the role and we agreed our long-list from the applicants. The long-listed candidates have all been asked to prepare a short video that shows how they will bring different thinking to Camden and deliver on the Camden 2025 vision.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the candidates’ videos and written work next week!

… and onto week 31

Next week will focus on getting to a short-list of candidates to interview, and on the interviews. I’ll also be doing some work around our Digital Future and meeting with #LOTI colleagues to kick-off two project work streams that we’re leading (Information Sharing and common WiFi standards).

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